Index A-J

A&P (first supermarkets)

Abortion death trials, 1949 & 1951

Abortion murder trials, 1894

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library survey (Fever River)

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum controversies

‘Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight’ (Vachel Lindsay)

Abrams Hotel (1828 pioneers)

J. Waldo Ackerman

Ad Men’s Club 

Don ‘Doc’ Adams (political leader)

James Adams (1828 pioneers)

Adams Wildlife Sanctuary

Advice to Housekeepers (1871)

Aetna Foundry and Machine Shops

Springfield African-American History Foundation Interviews 

‘The ague’ in early Sangamon County 

Jasper, Frank and Robert Aiello (gangland murders)

Jacob Akard (Lincoln Home)

Alby’s Tavern (Lithuanians in Springfield)

Grover Cleveland Alexander (baseball pitcher)

‘Alfalfa train,’ 1913

Bettie Allen (African-American history interviews)

Allen Cigar Store explosion, 1929 

‘Alley saloons’

Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co.  

Ambidexter Institute

Daniel Leib Ambrose

American House hotel

Amrhein Bakery

H.D. Anderson (accused embezzler)

Andrew train bombing, 1933 (mine union war)

Ansar Shrine leadership 

The Anti-Rust Club

Springfield downtown arches

Argus Hotel, 214 S. Fourth St.

Aristocracy Hill Neighborhood (Fever River)

Armbruster Manufacturing Co.

Army Air Force Depot, Illinois State Fairgrounds (World War II)

Assembly Ball, 1889 (photo)

Association of Commerce and Industry 


Auburn Brick Road

Auburn square devastated by fire, 1910

Howard B. Austin

Automobile dealers in Springfield (Abbott-Detroit through Crow)

Automobile dealers in Springfield (Datsun through Hyundai)

Automobile dealers in Springfield (Ingram through Nissan) 

Automobile dealers in Springfield (Oakland through Stoddard-Dayton)

Automobile dealers in Springfield (Studebaker through Yugo)

J.C. Ayling Kite Co.


‘The Badlands’

Edward L. Baker (editor, diplomat)

Baker Manufacturing 

Ball Township High School (closed high schools)

Clergy Ballard (Springfield race riot)

Bando (a railroad story)

Bank run of 1932 (George Bunn Jr. memoir)

Barbed wire

S.A. Barker women’s clothing

Barker-Lubin Co.

Buster Bartholomew, coach & educator

Early ‘base ball’: Libertys lose to Rockford, 101-13 (1869)

Pre-1900 baseball 

Basketball in Illinois State Fairgrounds Coliseum (1933)

Newton Bateman (National Lincoln Monument Association)

Bates Experimental Road

‘Battle of Virden’ (1898)

David Beam (farmer, miller, politician)

Bear Flag Rebellion (William Ide and William Todd)

Charles Becker (First Citizen)

Bee hunting (1820s)

Bel-Aire Manor Motel

Benedictine University at Springfield

Rev. John Bergen (1828 pioneers)


Roy Bertelli, ‘Mr. Accordion’

James H. Beveridge (National Lincoln Monument Association)

The ‘Big O’ fire, 1908

‘The Big Tent Theatre’, 1936

John J. Bird (African-American leader, Republican politician)

Birds of Sangamon County

Gov. William Bissell

Black Civil War veterans buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery

Black Civil War veteran’s POW experience

Black farmers at Chinkapin Hill

Black honor student controversy, 1907

Black residents’ resolution opposing emigration to Liberia (1858)

Caroline Lamb Black (‘People Lincoln knew’)

Blended immigrant family (Springfield Lithuanians)

The Blue Danube (restaurant)

Board of Trade

‘Boarding house horror’ fire, 1899

Bobby pin manufacturer

‘Bock Beer Day,’ 1870s-’80s

Bolivia Road Bridge (National Register)

Booker’s Tavern corner (11th & South Grand)

Bryan Bolton, gangster

Albert Booth family, wagon makers 

Alfred Booth, grocer, developer

Boston Store fire, 1915

A.L. Bowen, newspaperman & social service leader

Bowling alleys

Boyhood during the Deep Snow (Zimri Enos)

Charles Boyd (1828 pioneers)

Brainerd Hill (West Lawrence Avenue)

John Bressmer Co.

Bridgeview Beach, 1942 (photo)

Brinkerhoff Home

George Brinkerhoff mystery, 1893

Broadwell Inn

Rev. John Brockmeier (‘labor priest’)

John A. Bross Post, Grand Army of the Republic

Brother James Court

Bettie Stuart Brown (‘People Lincoln knew’)

Rev. Henry Brown (Lincoln funeral photo)

James N. Brown (founded Illinois State Fair)

Robert Brown (Washington Street Mission)

Virginia Stuart Brown (Lincoln Home)

Brown’s Business College (1864-1994)

Brown Hotel 

Melanie Bryant, first woman firefighter

Francis Budinger (First Citizen)


Buffalo’s bicycle-riding bank bandit

Buffalo Hart Presbyterian Church

Buffalo Hart tornado deaths, 1927

Buffalo High School (closed high schools)

Bullard & Bullard architects

‘The Bunion Derby’ (1928)

Bunn family

Bunn family house (Alice Bunn memoir)

Bunn School cooking class, 1910 (photo)

Bunn-O-Matic Corp. 

Scott Burton (Springfield race riot)

Busher Brewery 

Business Men’s Association

‘Hunkie John’ Buskiewich murder trial (1926)

Butchers vs. the blue law (1916)

Preston Butler (early photographer)

Butternut Bakery


Cadillac garage, 1912 (photo)

Ben F. Caldwell: politician,  farmer, banker

Caldwell Mansion

Caldwell School, Chatham

Caldwell School, Thayer

Caldwell State Bank, Chatham

Calvary Cemetery

Camp Butler (Civil War training camp)

Camp Dunne, 1916 (photo)

Camp Glen Olive (Wheeland Park), Riverton

Camp Tanner (Illinois State Fairgrounds, 1898)


Cantrall riot, 1926

Capital City Cycling Club

Ebenezer Capps (1828 pioneers)

Jabez Capps (1828 pioneers)

The Cara-Sel Lounge (Springfield Lithuanians)

William Carey (Lincoln College of Law)

Carnegie library pillars

William and Margaret Carpenter (1828 pioneers)

Carpenter’s Mill

Rev. Peter Cartwright (preacher)

Cartwright United Methodist Church, Pleasant Plains

Carver Convalescent Center fire, 1972

Everett Cary Chevrolet, Chatham

George Cashman (Lincoln Tomb custodian)

Geneva Casstevens (World War I fatality)

Cathedral Church of St. Paul 

Cathedral (Griffin) High School (closed high schools)

Cathedral High School basketball champions, 1939

John H. Catherwood (Medal of Honor, 1911)

Catholic bishops

Cemeteries in Sangamon County

Centennial Co-Operative Educational Congress (1918)

Central Baptist Church

Central Illinois Public Service Co.

Certificates of freedom

Chapman Laundry


Chatham High School (closed high schools)

Chatham railroad history

Chatterton Opera House

Chatterton Opera House roof collapse, 1887

William Dodd Chenery, impresario

Cherry Grove

Chesapeake Seafood House

Child and Family Service of Sangamon County 

Child charged with ‘depraved’ crime, 1894

Children’s physical exams, 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

Children’s Service Bureau

Chili (‘chilli’) in Springfield 

Chinchilla rescue, 1957

Chinkapin Bridge

Christmas at the Wonder Store, 1881

Church bingo controversy, 1949

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Census figures

Chicago & Alton railroad

Circuit clerks, 1821-2015 (list)

Citizens Improvement Association

City jail ‘bullpen,’ 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

City Water, Light and Power lakeside facilities (Fever River)

Clark’s Mill

Clayville Historic Site

Clear Lake 

Closed high schools in Sangamon County

Coal mine fatalities in Sangamon County (through 1930)

Coal mine safety (1906)

Coal miner union war, 1932-37

Coal mines in Sangamon County (maps)

Coal mining 

The Coal Palace

Fred R. Coats Co. 

Cocaine Alley 

Coe’s Book Store

William Colby (probate judge)

Coldest day in Springfield history (1905)

Allen Cole (sheriff, 1933-34)

Coliseum, Illinois State Fairgrounds

Collective bargaining in state government (1973)

J.H. Collins (school superintendent)

Colored Children’s Service Bureau

Commemorative plaques, South Old Capitol Plaza

Commercial Association

Commercial Airport opening, 1927 (photo)

Community Chevrolet, Chatham

Dr. Charles Compton (surgeon, politician)

John S. Condell memoir, 1840s

The Coney Island restaurant 

Confederate monument, Camp Butler National Cemetery

James C. Conkling (National Lincoln Monument Association)

George S. Connelly (grocer)

Connor’s Meat Market (photo)

Johnny Connors (boxer, saloon-keeper)

Concordia Seminary 

Converse High School (closed high schools)

Daniel Pope Cook (Congressman, land owner)

Cook’s Hall

Jesse Cormack (1828 pioneers)

Corn husking competitions

Cornfield shootout, 1914

Cotton fields of Sangamon County 

Cotton Hill

Courthouse and Marine Bank, 1860 (drawing)

Courting and marriage in early Illinois

George P. Coutrakon (prosecutor)

Covered bridges (Genealogy Trails information)

COVID-19: History in the making

COVID-19 in Sangamon County: The first year

Comer Cox (Urban League)

Thomas Cox (1828 pioneers)

Cozy Dog Drive-In

John Crisp (African-American history interviews)

Alja Crook (Illinois State Museum)

Philip Crowder’s Revolutionary War pension application

Culver Marble & Stone Co. 

Theresa Faith Cummings (African-American history interviews)


Ted Curtis (African-American history interviews)


V.Y. Dallman, newspaperman

Susan Lawrence Dana

Susan Lawrence’s secret marriage

Dana-Thomas House

Danube Swabians in Sangamon County 

Darling’s Mill 

Charles Darwin letters, Illinois State Register (1914)

Rudy Davenport (African-American history interviews)


Dawson High School (closed high schools)

Charles Dawson (gambler)

Daylight Saving Time, 1918

‘Deadman’s Crossing,’ 16th Street and Sangamon Avenue

Dr. Don Deal

De Crastos family (tamales) 

Joe DeFrates

The Deep Snow

Hotel Delmar

Delmonico Restaurant (photo)

Thomas Dennis (National Lincoln Monument Association)

Desegregation lawsuit at Bunn Park Beach, 1916

Desegregation of the Illinois State Armory

Desnoyer Brothers Shoe Company

Thorne Deuel (museum director)

Harold Dewing (radio pioneer)

DeWitt Smith Building fire, 1918

‘Diamond Special’ train hijacking, 1913

DICKEY-john Corp., Auburn

Joseph Dickson (mountain man)

Isaac Diller mansion

Roland and Isaac Diller (Old Settlers Society)

Dineen family (hoteliers)

Dismantled statues, Statehouse lawn


Divernon High School (closed high schools)

Divernon school photos, 1920

The ‘divine healer’ sensation, 1896

‘Dodds’ Corner’

Dome Building, Illinois State Fairgrounds

William Donnegan’s memoir of the Underground Railroad

Donner Party

Jimmy Doolittle’s near miss (1930s)

Stephen A. Douglas’ missing finger

Stephen A. Douglas statue, Statehouse (removed)

Founding of Douglas Park, 1921

Douglass Community Center

Downtown business map, 1913

Downtown Springfield hotels, 1907-16

Dreamland Park 

Rev. Charles Dresser (Lincoln marriage, Lincoln Home)

Jesse K. Dubois (National Lincoln Monument Association)

Dudley Hotel

Nellie Browne Duff (reporter, provocateur)

Amos Duncan (Black businessman, politician)

Col. Otis Duncan (World War I)


Early education in Springfield

Early movie theaters in Springfield

Early Springfield (Barringer map)

Edwards Place

Albert Edwards family (Lincoln Home)

Benjamin S. Edwards (‘People Lincoln knew’)

Elizabeth and Ninian Edwards home (Lincoln marriage site)

Helen Dodge Edwards (obituary)

Edwards Trace

William W. Edwards (Lincoln College of Law)

Virginia Eifert (naturalist, author)

Elevator Milling Co. fire (1927)

Dr. Garret Elkin (1828 pioneers)

The Elks Club Group (1952)

Andrew Elliott (1828 pioneers)

Homer Ellis, photographer (Springfield Survey)

Levi Ellis: First resident of Springfield?

Elmer Ellsworth 

Elm devastation, 1940s

Emancipation Day celebrations

Empire Hotel

Endurance flying record, 1939

Engine House 5 (“the colored firehouse”)

Conrad Engelking (brewer)

Enos Flats (photo)

Enos Park neighborhood (Fever River)

Pascal P. Enos (1828 pioneers)

Salome Paddock Enos (1828 pioneers)

Zimri Enos’ memoir of early Springfield

Esquire theater

Last execution in Sangamon County (1927)

Executive Mansion demolition plan, 1963

Explosion on North Seventh Street, 1937

Frank C. Ewing Sr. & Jr. (murder, train derailment)


Fairview, home of William H. Herndon

Fallout shelters in Sangamon County 

Family Service Center

Family Welfare Association

Fancy Grove

Farm machinery, 1870s-1950s

Farm statistics, 1860

Early farming changes (William Herndon description)

$50,000 faro fraud, 1931

Fashions in men’s hats, 1904 (John Lutz store)

Fast food in Springfield 

Fatal accident, 1910 Illinois State Fair

Earl Owen Fay (Lincoln Tomb custodian)

Herbert Wells Fay (Lincoln Tomb custodian)

Federal court opinion on commission government, 1987

Feitshans High School (closed high schools)

William Fetzer & Co. 


The death of Fido, the Lincoln family dog

Jerome Finkle (Lincoln College of Law)

Jessie Mae Finley (African-American history interviews)

Fire escape hazards, 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

Firefighter deaths on duty

Most costly fires in Springfield, 1904-48

First African-American alderman

First African-American to hold public office

First African-American firefighter, police detective

First African-American high school graduate

First African-American juror

First African-American resident (‘Jack,’ age 5)

First African-American trustee of the University of Illinois

First automobile in Springfield, 1900

First auto-related fatality, 1906

First Baptist Church, New Berlin

First Baptist Church, Springfield 

First blood transfusion

First burial of a Japanese/First Japanese residents

First burial at Oak Ridge Cemetery (1858)

First Chinese residents

First Chinese restaurant 

First Christmas parade (1914)

First Citizens (though 2023)

First Civil War combat death 

First European buried in Sangamon County

First dial telephones (1939)

First electric lights

First electrified home

First escalator

First execution 

First filling station

First labor strike, 1872-73

First marijuana arrests, 1938

First moving picture/first full-time movie theater

First parking meters (1941)

First parking ramp (1963)

First passenger elevator (1876)

First Presbyterian Church

First Prohibition bootlegger, 1919

First radio weather report (Illiopolis, 1915)

First railroad engineer

First Rochester schools

First school for African-American children 

First self-service grocery (1918); first supermarket (1940)

First snowplow (1918)

First state police officer

First talking movie

First traffic signals (1924) 

First United Methodist Church

First Universalist Church

First wedding, 1820

First window glass 

First woman bicyclist

First woman elected to public office

First woman electoral candidate

First woman school principals, 1874

First women jurors 

First women lawyers

Fisher ‘murder’ hysteria, 1841

Fishman Sporting Goods

Robert Fitzgerald 

Cornelius Flagg Farmstead, Sherman

Job Fletcher (‘Long Nine’, first window glass)

William Fleurville (Florville) (African American businessman, Lincoln friend)

‘The Flower City’ (Springfield nickname)

Flu epidemic, 1918-20

Maj. George W. Ford (Camp Butler superintendent)

‘Fort Taylor’ and Civil War prostitution

Fortune-teller scandal, 1897

Fossil Boulder, Auburn Township Park

Fourth of July mayhem, 1907

Fourth of July, 1921

Fourth Presbyterian Church

Philip Fowler (1828 pioneers)

Franciscan Life Center

Franklin Life Insurance Co. 

Benjamin Franklin statue

Death of former Fire Marshal John Freeman

Frisina theaters

Fuel crisis shutdown, 1918

Dr. C. Robert Fults (elm cleanup organizer)

Funeral of Abraham Lincoln (drawing)

‘Dougie’ Funk (Maternal Health Center)


John Wayne Gacy

Gaiety Theater

Ganbling and the Sangamon County underworld, 1948

Gambling rivalry, 1931 

Garden Court

Isaac Gaskin (black Civil War veteran)

The Gay ’90s in Springfield 

Gehrmann Park

General strike, 1917

The Georg family (photographers)

Albert Giles, ‘Hero or Villain’

Alice Gilliland (Royal Neighbors of America)

Girls’ basketball ban, 1907

The Globe Tavern, 1886 (photo)

Frank Godley’s Shoddy Manufactory

‘The Golden Book of Springfield’ (Vachel Lindsay)

Levi and Garner Goodan (1828 pioneers)

Gottschalk Grocery

Marian Goza (African-American history interviews)

Robert Goza (African-American history interviews)

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

Elizabeth Graham (First Citizen)

Arturo Granata (vice consul)

Grand Army of the Republic (Benjamin Stephenson)

Grand Army of the Republic parade, 1932 (video)

The Grand Avenues

Grand Hotel


Dorothea Grant

U.S. Grant marches to Island Grove, 1861

U.S. Grant in Springfield

Graybar Electric

Great National Horse Show and Equestrian Fair, 1865

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Green Beret accident, 1966 Illinois State Fair

Grocer list, 1917

George Gregory 

Mayor David Griffiths drowns, 1907 



Kent Dunlap Hagler (World War I)

Georgia Hale (African-American history interviews)

Carrol Hall (First Citizen)

Sgt. Joseph M. Hall (World War I)

Hall of Flags

Hall-Hagler Chapter, Disabled American Veterans

Mabel Hallam (Springfield race riot)

William Hamilton (early resident)

Hammer attacks, 1975

Hammerslough/Rosenwald family, clothiers

‘Hammock parties,’ 1890s

David Hammons (MacArthur Fellow)

Ida Hanes (school board member)

Hangings in Sangamon County, 1826-1927

Annie Rheem Hannon (first woman elected to public office)

Alfred S. Harkness (illustrator)

Harlan’s Grove

George Harlow (Lincoln Home)

The Harrison Revival, 1867

Harvard Park

Haskell Viaduct, Illinois State Fairgrounds

Ozias Hatch (National Lincoln Monument Association)

Hatcher automotive service fire, 1921

Hawthorne Place

John Hay Homes

‘The Old Hay Market’ (photo)

Hay-Edwards School (1914-2000)

James Hayes (last person executed in Sangamon County)

Heat wave, 1936 

Hebrew Ground, Oak Ridge Cemetery

‘Hell at Midnight in Springfield’

Doc Helm (photographer)

The Helmle family (architects and builders)

Eliza Helmle (infant), first burial at Oak Ridge Cemetery

Hemp in Sangamon County

Gen. James Henry (1828 pioneers)

Herman-Laubheimer Brewery

Archer Herndon (1828 pioneers)

Calista Herndon (Maternal Health Center)

R.F. Herndon & Co. (2021 expanded version)

R.F. Herndon & Co. (2013 original version)

John E. Hickey (pioneer aviator)

Hicklin family (African-American activists, politicians)

Hickox Apartments

Hickox Mill 

Virgil Hickox (early merchant)

H.B. Hill insurance scandal & suicide, 1934

Heaton Hill (first Civil War combat death)

Savillah Hinrichsen, librarian and suffragist 

Historic Preservation Association of Springfield

Historical markers in Sangamon County 

John W. Hobbs Co. 

Herman Hofferkamp (Lincoln Home)

George Hoffmann (First Citizen)

Hogs and Springfield’s civic spirit

Home for the Friendless

Home and Hospital for Fallen Women

Honor Book of Sangamon County, Illinois, 1917-19

Horace Mann insurance 

‘Horner Highway’ and highway beautification, 1934

The horseshoe sandwich

Hottest day in Springfield history

Dr. Thomas Houghan (Edwards Place)

House of prostitution standoff, 1885

Housing for African Americans, 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

Kate Howard (Springfield race riot)

Mary Howard (first woman to run for public office)

Nelson Howarth (Springfield mayor)

Lyman Hubbard Sr. (Tuskegee Airman)

Miss Nellie Hughes (librarian)

Humane officer report, 1904

Hummer Manufacturing Co. 

Nancy and Alexander Humphreys (1828 pioneers)

Hunger march blockade, 1933

‘Huyler’s Ghost,’ a poem by ‘H.’, 1832


Ice harvesting

Ice storms (1883, 1924, 1978)

Willard Ice, ‘Mr. Revenue’

Albert Ide and the Ideal Engine

Elizabeth Brown Ide (children’s activist)

William Ide (Bear Flag Rebellio)

Elijah Iles (1828 pioneers)

Elijah Iles House

Washington Iles, civic leader

Illini Country Club

Illinois Agricultural Works

Illinois (CIPS) Building

Illinois Capitol

Illinois Capitol Complex

Illinois Executive Mansion, 1860 (lithograph)

Illinois governors (list)

Illinois High School Association State Champions (teams)

Illinois Hotel 

Illinois Soil and Soy Bean Special (1927)

Illinois State Armory

Illinois State Arsenal (1855)

Illinois State Arsenal (1903)

Illinois State Fair

Illinois State Fair butter cow

1942 Illinois State Fair cancelled 

Illinois State Fair crisis, 1922-23

Illinois State Fair settles in Springfield (1894)

Illinois State Fair unnatural deaths

Illinois State Informer (newspaper)

Illinois State Library, circa 1900 (photo)

Illinois State Museum

Illinois State University (Springfield) 

Illinois Terminal railroad

Illinois Traction System

114th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Illinois Watch Co.


Illiopolis High School (closed high schools)

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Vito Impastato (restaurateur, organized crime suspect)

Indian Queen Hotel

The interurban railway 

Integral Phalanx, Loami

International Shoe Company

Capt. John Inman (national commander, Grand Army of the Republic)

The Irish in early Springfield

Iron Spring, Washington Park 

Irwin’s Park/Irwin’s Grove

Robert Irwin (Lincoln banker & friend)

Italian immigration


‘Jack,’ age 5: Springfield’s first black resident

Joe James (Springfield race riot)

Dr. Gershom Jayne (1828 pioneers)

Jameson Jenkins (Underground Railroad)

Jelly-cake controversy of 1891

Carter Jenkins (engineer, traffic innovator)


Edward S. Johnson (Lincoln Tomb custodian)

Jack Johnson (boxing champion)

Johnston-Hatcher fires, 1907 & 1913

Johnson & Bradford Bookstore

Jolly Boy kites

Austin Jones (detective)

Catherine Bergen Jones (oldest woman voter, 1914)

Frank Hatch Jones (politician, postmaster)

Roy Jones (radical activist, 1930s)

Leroy Jordan (African-American history interviews)

Jubilee Singers racism, 1881

July 4, 1830s-style

Junior college referendum, 1961

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  1. Mary Black says:

    I am searching for any information on the following:
    Dr. Reuben D. Black who in 1830 married Nancy Alkire in Sangamon County (now Menard), IL. He is reported as practicing medicine in the Illinois History Book Sangamon County and being from Ohio but all his children’s later census note his birthplace as Kentucky. They had 3 children, as follows: Joseph Penn Black born 1832, David Alkire Black born late 1833 and Elzina Black born 1835.
    I need birth and death documents on the above Black surnames for genealogy (Mayflower) research. I live in California and have searched just about every on-line Illinois search engine. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated

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