Index P-Z

P-51D Aircraft (National Register)

Palace Hotel

Palace Theatre

‘A Palatial Barroom’, 1898

Palmer Hotel 

Dr. George T. Palmer (public health expert)

Palmer Tuberculosis Sanitarium 

Park Sherman Company

The Pasfield House (Springfield historic site)

Pasfield Family (1830s to 1930)

Pasfield Park Place 

Patrick Henry statue, St. Joseph School

Paving crew, early 1900s (photo)


Pawnee High School fire, 1958

Pawnee posse captures burglars, 1899

Pawnee Railroad 

The Payne Stone Age Collection

Peacock Inn

Emmet Pearson (First Citizen)

Fredrick Pefferle killing, 1973

J.C. Penney store, Springfield


Earl Baker Perce (Antarctic explorer)

‘Pest House,’ 1901-02

Mark Peterman (basketball coach)

David L. Phillips (National Lincoln Monument Association)

Photograph collections online

John Picco (gangland murders)

Piggly Wiggly/Eisner grocery stores

Pillsbury Mills

Pillsbury ‘Doughboy’ origin debate 

Pioneer women’s memories

Pizza in Springfield

Charles E. Planck (killer of Lincoln family dog)

Planes flown by Illinois National Guard, Springfield

Planned Parenthood

Pleasant Plains

Pleasant Plains High class of 1924: ‘How We Come to School’

Poisoning and racial controversy, 1860

Police alert lights (1912-36)

Police news, 1883

Police officer killings, 1885

Police officers killed in the line of duty

Polio vaccinations, 1955 and 1964

The political rise of the Adamitis and Yacubasky families (Lithuanians in Springfield)

“Poor House Rules” — the drawings of Alfred S. Harkness

Population changes, 1840-2010

Portuguese immigrants 

C.W. Post (cereal entrepreneur)

Carrie Post King’s Daughters Home for Women

Poston Brick Co. 

The potato matinee of 1925

Potawatomi Trail of Death

Paul Powell shoebox scandal

George Power Farmstead

John Carroll Power (historian, Lincoln Tomb custodian)

John Carroll Power on the founding of Springfield

J. Frank Prather (shorthorn cattle breeder)

Price-Prather House, Williamsville (National Register)

‘Praying Hands’ sculpture, formerly at First Street and North Grand Avenue

Prince Sanitarium

Prince Sanitarium fire, 1923

Princess Theater

Progressive Mine Workers Auxiliary march, 1933 (mine union war)

Prohibition referendums in Sangamon County, 1908-17

Prohibition violence in Sangamon County 

Richard Pryor (comedian)

Robert Pulliam: First settler?



Race riot of 1908

Racine-Sattley Manufacturing Co. 

Radio beginnings in Springfield 

Radio brings the 1929 World Series to Springfield (photo)

Rainfall records, 1926

Rauch’s Mill 

Mattie S. Rayburn Memorial, Oak Ridge Cemetery

Rayfield automobiles 

Abraham Raymer (Springfield race riot)

Rechner’s Bakery

Rees Memorial Carillon

Refrigerator delivery, ca. 1930 (photo)

George Reisch discusses prohibition

Harriett Reid, women’s rights activist

Reisch Brewery 

Adelaide O’Brien Rentschler (aviator)

Retail Grocers Association

Retail Merchants Association

Nellie Revell (publicist, author & celebrity)

Revolutionary War veterans buried in Sangamon County

Meredith Rhule (World War II hero)

Frank P. Richards, wood carving artist 

George Richardson (Springfield race riot)

Riddle Hill 

Ridgely family

Ridgely village

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, 1933

‘The rink,’ 1868-71

Carl Rinnus (popular sculpture)


‘Riverton Riot’ of 1906

Road lane striping plan, 1921

Robbery of Rochester State Bank, 1930 

Octavia Roberts Corneau (writer)

Lora Hieronymus Robie (educator, book lover)

Robin Roberts (Baseball Hall of Fame)

Robin Roberts Stadium


W.H. Roland women’s clothing

Noah Roll (slain police officer)

‘The Rolling Mills’

Sgt. James Rollman (WWI flu hero)

Roosa-Diller fire, 1920 

Clarence Root (weather forecaster)

Julius Rosenwald (philanthropist)

Rotary Club of Springfield

Round Prairie tornado, 1883

Route 66 in Sangamon County

Roxy theater

Robert Rudolph (brewmaster, showman)

Rudolph Opera House 

Rural mail delivery begins, 1896


Sacred Heart Academy (closed high schools)

Sacred Heart Church 

Salisbury High School (closed high schools)

Saloon shootout, 1905 

Salvation Army band arrested, 1887

Sangamo Electric Co. 

Sangamo Electric meter chronology

Sangamo/Schlumberger Watthour Meter Serial Log

Sangamo Monitor

Sangamo Town

Sangamo Township

“Sangamon”: Origin of the name

Sangamon College, Pleasant Plains

The Sangamon Country, 1819 (Ferdinand Ernst)

The Sangamon Country, 1832 (William Cullen Bryant)

Sangamon County, 1837 (H.E. Ellsworth)

Sangamon County and Springfield, 1837 (Peck’s Gazetteer)

Sangamon County and Springfield, 1847 (J.H. Buckingham)

Sangamon County boundary maps

Sangamon County centennial marker dedication, 1921 (photo)

Sangamon County circuit clerks

Sangamon County Detention Home, 1916

Sangamon County Fair

Sangamon County Farm Bureau

Sangamon County farm memories

Sangamon County, founding of

Sangamon County geology

Sangamon County historic landmarks

Sangamon County Historical Society

Sangamon County Historical Society publications

Sangamon County Jail conditions, 1847 (Dorothea Dix)

Sangamon County Jail, 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

Sangamon County place name origins

Sangamon Ordnance Plant

Sangamon County poets

Sangamon County Poor Farm

Sangamon County Poor Farm, 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

‘Poor House Rules’ — the drawings of Alfred S. Harkness

Sangamon County/Springfield timeline, 1818-40

Sangamon Fair and Springfield Exposition, 1890

Sangamon River 

Sangamon Stage (geological period)

Saputo’s Twins Corner

Santa Anna’s artificial leg

Sattley Manufacturing Co. 

‘Save the Union’ riot, 1928

The Sazarac 

Nicholas Schlangen (brewer)

Mary Lou Schneider (Smokey’s Den)

John Schnepp (mayor & embezzler)

School problems, 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

John Schroeder (auto dealer)

Second Christmas parade (1929)

Second Presbyterian Church 

‘Segregated district,’ 1909-16

Senate Theater

Clarence Senor (African-American history interviews)

Peggy Senor (African-American history interviews)

Serial murderers

Shadid’s Book Mart

Shaheen’s Springfield Speedway

The Shakespeare Club

Asa Shaw (1828 pioneers)

Mack, Frank and Mary ‘Polly’ Shelby (1828 pioneers)

Mary and John Sherill (1828 pioneers)

Sheriffs, 1821-2015 (list)

Sheriff’s ouster, 1933


Frank Sherry (hammer assaults)

‘Shinbone Alley’

Shot-firers, ‘windy shots’ and coal mine safety 

Leander Shoup (Lake Springfield holdout)

Tom Shrewsbury (Springfield Muni Opera)

Hiram Shumate (last Civil War veteran)

Silas Hotel 

Skyrocket Inn

Slot machine hijacker reforms (Springfield Lithuanians)

Slovenians in Sangamon County 

Gov. Len Small arrested, 1921

Smallpox outbreak, 1901-02

Hettie Bunker Smith (prosthetics artist)

J. Emil Smith (newspaperman, mayor)

Smokey’s Den

Marguerite Beechler Soma, teacher

Southern Air restaurant

Southern Illinois University Medical School 50th anniversary

Southern Illinois University Medical School unsung heroes (Sr. Jane Like, Carol Bressan)

Southern View

Southwest Airport


Charles H. Spaulding (water purification innovator)

Spaulding Orchard

Spaulding village

Willis J. Spaulding (Springfield utilities commissioner)

Spring Creek Covered Bridge fire, 1977

Rev. Francis Springer (Lutheran leader)

1850s Springfield, in four mysterious paintings

Springfield Automobile Club ‘safety lanes’

Springfield Boiler Co. 

Springfield Brewery (1840-1860s)

Springfield Brewing Co. (1933-1940s)

Springfield Ceramics and Crafts Club

Springfield city charter election, 1840

Springfield city flag

Springfield city plan, 1925 (‘The West Plan’)

Springfield College in Illinois 

Springfield Fire Department, 1925 (photo)

Springfield, founding of 

Springfield Furniture Co. 

Springfield Giants (Class D baseball)

Springfield Glove Co., 1912 (photo)

Springfield Golf Club 

Springfield High School explosions, 1932

Springfield High School graduating class, 1914 (brochure)

Springfield High loses 1933 basketball championship (YouTube)

Springfield historic sites

Springfield Hospital and Training School 

Springfield Improvement League

Springfield in 1828 (map)

Springfield in 1867 (map)

Springfield in 1912 (‘General Facts,’ Springfield Commercial Association)

Springfield in 1916 (map)

Springfield in 1939 (Federal Writers Project)

Springfield in 1947 (Saturday Evening Post)

Springfield Iron Co. 

Springfield Junior College 

Springfield Library Association

Springfield looks ahead: 1869

‘Springfield Magical’ (Vachel Lindsay)

Springfield manufacturers and professions, 1869

Springfield mayors

Springfield Morning Monitor

Springfield Motor Car Co. 

Springfield Municipal Opera

Springfield News-Record

Springfield park names

Springfield postal service/postmasters

Springfield public high schools timeline

Springfield Redemption Home

Springfield Sallies (women’s professional baseball)

Springfield School District desegregation order (1976)

Springfield school superintendents (list)

Springfield street car service

Springfield street name changes 

Springfield square, 1859 (photos)

Springfield Survey, 1914 

Springfield traffic rules, 1903

Springfield wins minor-league baseball game, 33-23 (1926)

Springfield Woolen Mills

Ss. Peter and Paul Church

St. Agnes Parish, Springfield

St. Patrick Parish, Springfield

St. Agatha School 

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Mission

St. Barbara Slovenian Catholic Church

St. Francis of Assisi Church

St. James Trade School 

St. John’s Hospital

St. Joseph’s Home

St. Joseph Church construction, 1960s (video)

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 

St. Nicholas Hotel (early days)

St. Patrick Parish, Springfield

St. Vincent de Paul Church (Springfield Lithuanians)

Stable fire, 1915

Stasukinas family (Alby’s tavern)

Statehouse dome lighting 

Dr. Dominic Sterbini (vice consul)

The Sternaman brothers (football pioneers)

Benjamin Stephenson (Grand Army of the Republic) 

Adlai Stevenson II in Springfield

Stickup gang, 1938 

Charles O. Stone

Judge Lawrence Stone

Strawbridge-Shepherd House 

Stray dog eradication, 1935

Streetcar robberies, 1922

Streetcar ‘war’ of 1890

Bettie Stuart Institute

John Todd Stuart’s memoir of early Springfield

Stuart Elementary School

James A. Stubbs masonry 

The Sudden Change

The Sugar Bowl restaurants

Sugar Creek Covered Bridge

Sulfur spring, Loami 

Dick Sullivan, political ‘boss’

Billy Sunday revival (1909)

The Sunnyside Circle

Sunshine School 

Michael Swango

Sweet gum trees 


Walter Tabor (Maldaner’s restaurant)

Talisman steamboat

‘Tamale men’ (1890s)

Gov. John Tanner monument, Oak Ridge Cemetery

Tapeworms and medical fraud, 1884

Dominic Tarro (gangland murders)

Edmund D. Taylor, (not the) ‘father of the greenback’

Harry Taylor (first black firefighter, police detective)

Col. John Taylor (1828 pioneers)

Judge John Wickliffe Taylor House

Telegraph reaches Springfield

Telephone service begins

Dual telephone service in Springfield, 1903-19

Telephone service in Springfield, 1939-84

Temple B’rith Sholom

Temple Israel 

Thanksgiving charity, 1921


Theater bombings, 1931-32

Harry Thornton, theater manager

Three-I League, 1903-15

Julian Tilton (Lincoln Home)

Dr. John Todd (1828 pioneers, ‘People Lincoln knew’)

William Todd (Bear Flag Rebellion)

Toddler food poisoning deaths, 1927

Torrence Mill 

Tornado of 1883

Tornado of 1957 

Totem pole (Illinois State Museum)

Tourist camp, 1924

‘Tournament of the Big Snow,’ 1937

The Town House

Township government

‘Toy-pistol tetanus’

Frank Tracy (banker)

Train robbery, 1912

Tramping in Springfield, 1882

Samuel H. Treat (National Lincoln Monument Association)

Tree-sitting fad, 1930

Tri-City boys basketball, 1952-53

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Trip to Springfield, 1852 (letter)

Tuxhorn garage and towing

Twin tornadoes of 2006

Twelve Mile House (highway landmark)

Two Mile House (inn, almshouse site)

Sharon Tyndale murder mystery, 1871


Under the Gas-Light: Or Lights and Shadows in the State Capital of Illinois (1879)

Union Station 

Unions in state government (1973)

Unit W (World War I)

U.S. Senators with Sangamon County ties

Ursuline Academy (closed high schools)

Ursuline Sisters

Utopian Socialism in Sangamon County


Martin Van Buren meets Abraham Lincoln

Nathaniel Van Noy (hung)

Mariah Vance (Lincoln family housekeeper)

Carl Vandagrift (baseball player-manager)

Vaudette Theater

Ben Victor (philanthropist, Thrifty Drugs chairman)

Victory Loan Flying Circus, 1919

Villa Valencia 

Virden coal conflict (1898)

George Voyzey (union radical)


Wabash Railroad Employees Hospital 

Reed “Kid” Waddell, international con man

‘Waiting for Maud’, Oak Hill Cemetery

Walkathon Derby, 1934

Thornton Walker (aviation writer)

William Walling (Springfield race riot)

Hooper Warren (1828 pioneers)

Carmelita Hogan Washington (African-American history interviews)

Washington Hall, 1922-26 

Washington Park 

Washington Park Children’s Corner, 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

Washington Street Mission 

William Washington (African-American history interviews)

Vincent T. Wasilewski (National Association of Broadcasters)

W.W. Watts, theater impresario


Weather disasters

Weather reports by radio begin (Illiopolis, 1915)

Weaver extortion plot

Weaver Manufacturing

Jessie Palmer Weber (state librarian)

Dr. D.E. Webster

The Wedding of the Rose and the Lotus‘ (Vachel Lindsay)

Wedding customs before the Civil War

Well and privy menace,‘ 1914 (Springfield Survey photo)

Gustav Wendlandt (Lincoln Home)

Wentworth Club

West End Brewery

West Side Capitol Neighborhood (Fever River Research)

Western Cartridge Co. explosion, 1920

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Wheeland Haven, Riverton

Whig Party rally, 1840 (letter)

The whipping post, 1828-37

Edna White (heroic elevator operator)

White Oaks Mall’s opening day lineup, 1977

The Who at the Illinois State Fair, 1968

WICS television

Widow’s letter, 1841

Wife poisonings, 1941

Noble Bates Wiggins (hotelier)

The Wigwam

‘Wigwam tree’ and sulfur spring, Loami

Susan Wilcox (educator)

Wil-Hold Hair Setting Bob Pins

A. Morris Williams (lawyer, developer)

Dennis Williams, crayon artist

John Williams (1828 pioneers)

Police Officer Porter Williams, 1916 (photo)


Williamsville United Methodist Church

Arthur ‘Jingle’ Wilson (Medal of Honor, 1909)

Sam Willis, chef 

Bluford Wilson (lawyer, corruption fighter)

Columbus ‘Pigeon’ Wilson (Sangamon County Poor Farm)

Wimmer Cemetery, Auburn

Windstorm damages Solomon Coal Mine, Auburn (1911)

‘Wine to water’ mystery, 1923

L. Winston Associates trade school 

WMAY Shower of Stars (1959)

Wolf Creek Mill

Women’s bathing suit controversy, 1916

Women’s golf, 1899

Women’s literary clubs

Women’s suffrage in Illinois

Women win civil service hiring rights, 1920

Women register to vote, 1914

Women’s vote history, Sangamon County

Frank Myers’ Wonder Store

Sarah Smith Woodruff, first woman bicyclist

Suicide of Secretary of State Harry Woods, 1914

Rebecca Woods (servant)

World War I Homecoming Celebration

World War I memorial (new)

World War I memorial, First Street and North Grand Avenue (updated)

Worst coal mine accident (1918)

Amos Worthen (Illinois State Museum)

Erastus Wright (abolitionist)

Gertrude Wright (first black high school graduate)

WTAX radio



Isidor Yacktis (lawyer, spokesman for Lithuanians)

William Yates Sr. (Republican leader)

Young men at cards, 1840s (photo)

Joe Yucas (‘King of the Lithuanians’)

YWCA building


Zinc works, Devereux Heights

Zion Missionary Baptist Church

FBI bugs Frank Zito hangout, 1965

Frank Zito and the Zito brothers (organized crime)

Frank Zito’s Leavenworth prison record

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  1. Charlene Vollmer says:

    Wondered about the documentary of St. Joseph Church on 6th Street done by Mike Kienzler.
    Was noted in church bulletin this week to go to site and view. New church built 1974?
    Several of us recently thinking of old church as picture of it in back of Church. Fr. Ed Gorman instrumental.

  2. editor says:

    Ms. Vollmer: As the entry notes, the first service in the new church was on Thanksgiving Day, 1967. The entry is in this index, under “St. Joseph Church construction (1960s).” But here’s the direct link:

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