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Mayor John ‘Buddy’ Kapp

Alex Karon

Augusta Kellogg

The Kelly family 

John J.H. Kelly (Medal of Honor)

Dr. Alonzo Kenniebrew (physician)

Kerasotes Theatres

Leroy Key, Andersonville hero

The Kickapoo 

Thomas S.W. Kidd (publisher)

Killing of police detective, 1938

Legh Kimball (‘People Lincoln knew’)

King’s Daughters Home

Richard Kinsella (baseball scout, team owner)

The Great Klaholt robbery,’ 1883

Klever’s Model controversy (‘the hog case’)

Elmer Kneale (Mid-Day Luncheon Club)

John Knoepfle 

Harry Knotts (wireless telegrapher)

Howard Knotts (World War I ace)

Harriet Knudson (First Citizen)

Kohlrus family

Koke Mill 

The Krehbiel murals (Illinois Supreme Court) 

Dr. George Kreider

Ku Klux Klan, 1920s 

Kun Brewery


The Lake Club

Lake Springfield 

Lake Springfield holdout, 1933

Harry Lane, ‘boss gambler’

Lanphier High School’s historic Earth Day flag

Robert Carr Lanphier meets Thomas Edison

Lanphier Park

Last Civil War veteran

Last Springfield street car, 1938 (photos)

Late-night Springfield, 1935

Philip Latham (1828 pioneers)

Lauterbach Cottage Hardware ax attacks, 1981

Lawrence Avenue fire, 1916

‘Lawsonomy’ in Springfield

League Park (Lawless Park)

Maydie Spaulding Lee (radical hostess)

Dr. Leeds’ gold coin trove, Buffalo 

R. Wells Leib (Lincoln College of Law)

Leland farm (1880)

Leland Grove

Leland Hotel 

Jerome Leland’s pigeons

The Lemon Jelly Cake (Madeline Babcock Smith)

Edward Levanius (tombstone artist)

‘The Levee’

John L. Lewis (United Mine Workers)

Samuel Lewis (first rural mail carrier)

Lexington (legendary racehorse)

A.J. Liebling on Lincoln’s presence in Springfield, 1950

Abraham Lincoln (ALPLM reading list)

Mary Lincoln 

‘Mary Todd Lincoln’ misnomer

Lincoln Center/Ann Rutledge Pancake House

Lincoln College of Law

Lincoln Colored Home

Abraham Lincoln’s Farewell Address to Springfield

Funeral of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln-Herndon law office building, 1886 (photo)

First Lincoln Home (214 S. Fourth St.)

Lincoln Home: 1918 drawing

Lincoln Home neighborhood

Lincoln Home neighborhood in 1971 (Nelson Howarth)

Lincoln Home after the Lincolns (1861-1953)

Lincoln Land Community College founded, 1967

Lincoln Library

Lincoln Library Carnegie building, 1904-74

Lincoln Library’s grandfather clock

Lincoln Library North Branch

Lincoln Library and World War I

Lincoln Memorial Garden

Lincoln Ordnance Depot (World War II)

Lincoln sculpture, Illinois State Fairgrounds

Lincoln Theater

Lincoln Tomb: ‘Battle of the Gravesite’

Lincoln Tomb custodians

Lincoln Tomb custodian’s home (‘The Castle’)

Lincoln Tomb: Destruction of the sarcophagus

Lincoln Tomb: Abraham Lincoln’s pallbearers

Lincoln Tomb: Mary Lincoln letters about location

Lincoln Tomb: Fleetwood Lindley and the reburial of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Tomb: Larkin Mead, designer

Lincoln Tomb: National Lincoln Monument Association directors, 1865

Lincoln Tomb: John Carroll Power, first custodian

Lincoln Tomb: Reconstruction and rededication, 1931

Lincoln Tomb statuary (exterior)

Lincoln Tomb statuary (1931)

Lincoln Tomb streetcar line (1880)

LincolnFest (1981-93)

Charles Lindbergh airmail flights

Catharine Frazee Lindsay (visionary)

Vachel Lindsay

Lithuanian children at Palmer School, 1910s

Lithuanians in Sangamon County

Lithuanians in World War I

Lithuanian radicals in Sangamon County

Lithuanian-American casualties in World Wars I and II 

A.C. Littlejohn fraud and suicide (1930s)


Loami High School (closed high schools)

William Lochridge (Pawnee banker)

Stephen T. Logan (Lincoln law partner)

Lafore Lock (World War I hero)

Charles Longest (armed robber, World War II hero)

Loomis Observatory

Harry Loper (Springfield race riot)

Theodore Lorch, actor

Joseph C. Ludgate, ‘long distance singer’

Luers shoe store

Jack Lum (‘hibernation therapy’)

E. Carl Lundgren (Springfield Muni Opera)

Lustron all-steel homes

John Lutz (hatter and haberdasher)


Edris Mabie shooting, 1935 (mine union war)

Jeanette MacDonald concert controversy, 1939-40

Joey Mack, dance man (Springfield Lithuanians)

The Mack family and Springfield McDonald’s restaurants (Springfield Lithuanians)

‘Madame Brownie’ (bordello operator)

I.A. Madden (soil adviser)

Elizabeth Magie (Monopoly precursor)

State Sen. Hugh Magill 

Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop

Edward Maisel

Majestic theater

Making bread, 1819

Malaria in early Sangamon County

Maldaner’s restaurant

George Mann (gangland murders)

The Mansion, Riverton

Manufacturers in Springfield, 1953 

Marine Bank (original)

Rabbi Barry Marks (First Citizen)

Edith Martin (teacher & heroine)

Lewis Martin, 29th U.S. Colored Troops

Maternal Health Center/Planned Parenthood

Charles Matheny (1828 pioneers)

E. Cook Matheny

Guy Mathis (photographer, first auto dealer)

Gov. Joel Matteson mansion

Artie Matthews (ragtime composer)

Jesse L. McCoy, WWII ‘daggerman

Joseph McCoy and the McCoy brothers

Luann McDaniel (Valley Forge nurse)

Duncan McDonald (labor leader)

Andrew McFarland (mental health center namesake)

‘Iron Man’ Joe McGinnity (baseball player)

John McGredy (nurseryman)

Larkin Mead (Lincoln Tomb designer)

Measles vaccinations, 1966 (photo)

Mechanics and Farmers Bank


Mechanicsburg High School (closed high schools)

Josephine Snowden Meek

S.H. Melvin (National Lincoln Monument Association)

Memorial Medical Center

Memorial Pool

Pierre Menard statue, Statehouse (removed)

Merchants and Shippers Association

Charles Messter (radio pioneer)

Samuel Metcalf (ousted sheriff)

Corky Meyer, test pilot 

Mid-Day Luncheon Club

Midland Ordnance Plant

Mildred Park

Mildred Park bridge collapse, 1905 (photos)

The Mill, tavern and restaurant

Bell Miller, businesswoman

Benjamin Miller, homesick murderer

‘Millie,’ the Illinois State Museum mastodon mascot

Louie Mitchell, pioneer aviator

Z.W. Mitchell (African-American activist)

Mordecai Mobley (1828 pioneers)

Monarch Tractor Co. 

Eva Carroll Monroe (Lincoln Colored Home)

Moonlight Garden

Lucretia ‘Aunt Cressy’ Moore (1828 pioneers)

Moose Club ‘athletic show,’ 1914 (Springfield Survey)

Moran Market (first self-service)

Gertrude Wright Morgan (first African-American high school graduate, civil rights activist)

Morning Monitor

Mary Morrison (school board member)

Caryl Moy (Planned Parenthood)

The Muller blocks (Lenox Avenue)

The mule line‘ (Buffalo to Mechanicsburg)

Mumblety-peg slaying, 1889

‘Murder by abortion,’ 1946

Murder-extortion gang, 1932

Albert Myers Jr. (First Citizens)

Myers Brothers Department Store

Myers Brothers’ monkey

Elijah E. Myers (architect)


NAACP Webster Plaque

‘Napkin social,’ First Methodist Church (1895)

National Emancipation Monument (proposed)

National Lincoln Monument Association directors, 1865

National Register of Historic Places — Sangamon County

New Berlin 

New Berlin rodeo 

New Deal projects, 1930s

New Year’s 1918 

New Year’s 1921

Newcomer-Bell Mill 

Newsboys vs. the mayor, 1921

Seth Barnes Nicholson (astronomer)

Leslie Nimmo (Horace Mann insurance)

Noll Saloon murders

Hotel Normandie

North Baptist Church

North Side State Bank collapse, 1927

Northern Cross Railroad

Margaret Cross Norton (state archivist)

Nude swimming ban, 1921


Oak Ordnance Plant

Oak Ridge Abbey (mausoleum)

Oak Ridge Cemetery

Oak Ridge Park pagoda 

Barack Obama in Springfield 

Adelaide O’Brien, aviator

John O’Connor, Sr. & Jr. 

Gov. Richard Oglesby (National Lincoln Monument Association)

The O’Joy Inn

Old Market House

Old Settlers Society of Sangamon County 

Old Stone House, Rochester

Oldest home in Sangamon County 

Olympics gold-medal winners 

‘On the Building of Springfield’ (Vachel Lindsay)

International Union of Operating Engineers, 1930s (photo)

Orange Judd buildings, Rochester

Oriental Cafe 

Orpheum Theatre

Open Air Colony

Richard Orr (farm writer)

Osage orange (hedge apple)

Dr. Daniel Ottis (World War I surgeon)

The Owen Family (Mary Hurst and Thomas J.V.) 


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