Circuit clerks, 1821-2015 (list)

The histories of the 27 people – 25 men and two women – who have held the office of Sangamon County circuit clerk were researched in 2011 by Savannah Little. The resulting brief biographies can be read on the circuit clerk’s web site.

Here is a list of circuit clerks and their years in office.

Charles R. Matheny (1821-35)
William Butler (1835-42)
John C. Calhoun (1842-48)
Benjamin Talbott (1848-52)
James H. Matheny (1852-56)
Presco Wright (1860-64)
Stephen S. Whitehurst (1860-64)
Charles H. Lanphier (1864-72)
James A. Winston (1872-80)
Edward R. Roberts (1880-88)
Edward Cahill (1888-96)
E. Dow Matheny (1896-1902)
John L. Bliss (pro tem) (1902)
Samuel T. Jones (1902-12)
Joseph H. Drennan (1912-16)
Charles L. Koehn (1916-24)
Robert G. Moore (1924-32)
Edgar L. Crane (1932-40)
Harry H. Mason (1940-44)
J. Harry Happer (1944-56)
Joseph P. Knox (1956-68)
Dwight H. O’Keefe Jr. (1968-72)
Edward W. Ryan (1972-80)
Karen Hasara (1980-86)
Candice Trees (1986-92)
Carl D. Oblinger (1992-96)
Tony Libri (1996-present)schs logo (2)

Source: Sangamon County circuit clerk web site

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