John W. Hobbs Corp.

John W. Hobbs division of Stewart Warner, 1966

Hobbs division of Stewart Warner, 1966

John W. Hobbs Corp. manufactured automotive accessories in Springfield from 1938 until 2009. Products included hour meters, battery indicators, controls, switches and the first clock for automobiles.

Founder John W. Hobbs (1889-1968), who had worked as a youth for the short-lived Springfield Motor Car Co., moved back to the city from Chicago in 1938 to start the Hobbs Co. in the 1000 block of East Ash Street.  The firm was sold to Stewart Warner in 1956 and operated as a division of that company until 2002, when it was acquired by Honeywell International Corp. and became Honeywell Hobbs.

Honeywell closed the Springfield plant and moved operations to Mexico in 2009. Hobbs had about 120 employees at the time.bridge

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