Illinois High School Association state champions (teams)

1916-17 state champion Springfield High School basketball team (Courtesy State Journal-Register)

This entry has been updated through 2019 and also to correct the omission of two championships won by teams from Pleasant Plains High School. Thanks to Mike Barlow (see comments) for pointing out the omissions.

Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, 2007-08 (Class 2A)
Springfield High School, 2009-10 (2A)

SHG, 1995-96
Rochester High School, 2015-16 (A)

Rochester High School, 2007-08 (A)
Glenwood High School, 2012-13 (2A)
Rochester High School, 2014-15 (A)
Rochester High School, 2015-16 (2A)

Williamsville High School, 1994-95 (A)
Glenwood High School, 2014 (3A)

Track & field
Southeast High School, 1972-73
Rochester, 1993-94 (A)
SEHS, 2009-10 (2A)
SEHS, 2010-11 (2A)
SEHS, 2011-12 (2A)
SEHS, 2012-13 (2A)

Pleasant Plains High School, 2018-19 (2A)


Griffin High School 1963-64
Griffin, 1986-87 (Class 2A)
Glenwood, 1995-96 ((2A)
Pleasant Plains, 1999-2000 (A)
Glenwood, 2009-10 (3A)
Pleasant Plains, 2013-14 (2A)

Cross country
Glenwood, 2018-19 (2A)

Springfield  1916-17
SHS, 1934-35
SHS, 1958-59
Lanphier High School, 1982-83 (2A)
Pleasant Plains, 1999-2000 (A)
Pleasant Plains, 2001-02 (A)

Glenwood, 1998 (4A)
Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, 2005 (5A)
SHG, 2006 (5A)
SHG, 2008 (6A)
Rochester High School, 2010 (4A)
Rochester, 2011 (4A)
Rochester, 2012 (4A)
Rochester, 2013 (4A)
SHG, 2013 (5A)
Rochester, 2014 (4A
SHG, 2014 (5A)
Rochester, 2016 (4A)
Rochester, 2017 (4A)
Williamsville High School, 2019 (3A)
Rochester, 2019 (5A)

SHG, 1978-79 (2A)
SHG, 1979-80 (2A)
Rochester, 1999-2000 (A)

SHS, 1997-98 (A)
SHG, 1998-99 (A)
SHG, 2002-03 (A)
Glenwood, 2005-06 (2A)

Track and field
New Berlin High School, 2015-16 (A)

Source: Illinois High School Associationbridge

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2 Responses to Illinois High School Association state champions (teams)

  1. Mike Barlow says:

    I want to note a couple of Championships omitted from this list, both of which belong to Pleasant Plains. They defeated Herrin 50-47 in OT to win the 2001-02 Class A Boys Basketball title. In 2013-14, they won the Class 2A Baseball title in a rain-shortened 5 inning contest against Byron, winning 7-1.

    • editor says:

      Mr. Barlow: Thanks very much for the corrections. I apparently missed those the first time I put this list together back in 2015. I’ll make the corrections (and credit you for catching the errors). And it looks like I better go back over all the decades to make sure I didn’t leave any others out.

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