Herndon & Co.

R.F. Herndon in 1890 (Souvenir of Springfield, H.E. Barker)

R.F. Herndon in 1890 (Souvenir of Springfield, H.E. Barker)

Founded in 1866, R.F. Herndon & Co. sold dry goods and women’s and children’s clothing, specializing for many years in gloves.

Herndon’s was on Fifth Street until 1964, when it moved to 206 S. Sixth St.  A Herndon’s opened in Town & Country Shopping Center in 1960, followed by a third outlet when White Oaks Mall opened in 1977. The Town & Country store closed in 1978 and then the downtown store in 1979.

Herndon’s continued to operate at White Oaks until May 1997.

“It’s the end of the string,” John Herndon Jr., third generation of the family to own Herndon’s, said in announcing the closure.

Note 1: This entry has been corrected and expanded. Thanks to Doug Mayol for pointing out our error. 

Note 2: SangamonLink published a second, much more detailed entry on R.F. Herndon & Co. in 2021. You can read that here

Source: Department store summary, Sangamon Valley Collection at Lincoln Librarybridge

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12 Responses to Herndon & Co.

  1. Coleen m koch says:

    I have the full set of 4 of The Little Classics Series give out by R. F. Herndon & Co. Spfld, Il and was wondering if they r of any value?

    • editor says:

      Ms. Koch: We get a lot of questions about the value of different pieces of Springfield memorabilia, and I’m afraid I just don’t have answers for those. I hope perhaps another reader will have some ideas. But now you’ve piqued my interest. What was the Little Classics series?

    • Marilyn Kaszynski says:

      I would like to inquire about the full set of The Little Classisc series.

    • Carolyn Broughton says:

      I think the owner of Prairie Archives would know, his name is John Paul.

  2. Douglas Mayol says:

    I believe Herndon’s opened in White Oaks around 1976, not Town and Country. They were in Town and Country in the 1960s.

    • editor says:

      Doug: As you can see, I re-researched this entry, and that wasn’t the only error. I’m going to have to review several other entries that were covered in my original source, a folder in the Sangamon Valley Collection. Thanks for the heads-up.

    • Marilyn Cadagin says:

      I believe that is right. I worked at both stores dressing manikins in windows and inside both stores! Also displays on the floor. Even helped models for shows & modeled some outfits for them!

    • Jim hoyt says:

      They were there in the 1970’s as well as I purchased gifts there as a child.

  3. Irene Hurt says:

    Is there any news articles or information about when Herdon’s hosted the finalist contest for the Miss Ingenue Magazine? It would have been around 1966 or 1967

    • editor says:

      Ms. Hurt: It was in the summer of 1967. The Springfield winner was Pam Potter of Feitshans High School. (I’ve sent you more information via email.) Thanks for reading.

  4. Dan says:

    My grandmother, Jane Bedale, worked at Herndons as a seamstress for many years. Believe she left(retired) 8n the early 60’s

  5. Monell Servis says:

    I remember Christmas shopping there every year. It was one of my go to stores

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