St. Joseph Parish and School

St. Joseph Parish on Springfield’s north end was the third Catholic parish established in the city. Its original elementary school existed from the 1870s until 1912, and the parish continued educating students until 2012. See Patrick Henry statue, St. Joseph School. 

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  1. David McDonald says:

    Saint Joe’s had a school into the 21st Century. One school building was destroyed in a fire in the late 1930s. There may have been several buildings used as the school thru the years, but it definitely had a school until relatively recently.

    • editor says:

      Mr. McDonald: You’re absolutely correct. I’ve added context to this entry. For a much fuller history of the school, follow the link in this entry. (Full disclosure: my father, myself and my two sons all graduated from various incarnations of St. Joseph School.)

  2. Phil Shadid says:

    I attended St. Joseph’s from 1949 (entering 5th grade), and graduated in June 1953. With the fire in the summer of 1949 the start of school was delayed while the building was under construction. Our class attended Cathedral Boys High School (3 blocks to the east) for about six weeks after Labor Day. We felt like “big shots” because we got to attend high school and eat in their cafeteria. Yes, I remember all this from so many decades ago! I went to McClernand Grade School from kindergarten thru 4th grade, then we moved from 7th & Miller to 1300 block of N. 3rd St. Our 8th grade class in 1953 had 48 graduates.

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