Springfield Junior College

Springfield Junior College was founded in 1929 by the Ursuline order of Catholic nuns. Its name was changed to Springfield College in Illinois in 1968.

The school became affiliated with Benedictine University of Lisle, Ill. in 2003. It now is named Benedictine University Springfield and offers four-year and graduate degrees.

A history of the college through the early 2000s is available here. See also Ursuline sisters, this index.schs logo (2)

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7 Responses to Springfield Junior College

  1. deena j. Keel says:

    I attended a restorative nursing program in 2002. Can a record of this be found?
    Deena J. Keel
    712 Cheshire Road
    Troy Illinois

    • editor says:

      Ms. Keel: That’s not that long ago. I would think the Benedictine University office in Springfield would have access to those records. Thanks for reading.

  2. Jennifer Catron says:

    I took two summer courses at Springfield Junior College in 1964, which are mentioned on my college transcript. Where can I write to obtain letter certifying such? Thank you very much!

  3. Ronnie williams says:

    I attended this school and played basketball in 1993 and 94 how do I go about getting archives or team picture it’s been so long ago plus the.school is closed

  4. Nick Penning says:

    I attended “JC,” the shorthand nickname for SJC, for my second year of college, after leaving the Viatorians and having completed my first year at Loyola University in Chicago. I’m forever grateful for Springfield, Junior College, which enabled me to continue my education at a difficult time in my life. The faculty were great educators with teaching skills every bit as strong as those at large universities.

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