Sangamo Electric meter chronology

The six images below give the serial numbers of watthour meters (singlephase and polyphase), mechanical and thermal demand meters, and instrument transformers manufactured by Sangamo Electric  and the years (between 1930 and 1981) they were manufactured. Collectors and people still using Sangamo meters may find the information helpful. Click on each pair of pages to see a larger image.

Our thanks to Dan Cothern for providing the information.

Meter serial numbers p1

Meter serial numbers p2&3

pp 4&5

pp 6&7

pp 8&9

pp 10&11


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7 Responses to Sangamo Electric meter chronology

  1. David Oliver says:

    I have a sangamo (made in Canada)watt hour meter type CFA 10A 2 wire 115 volts
    #c2397119 202104
    need an input wirering dwg or instruction.

  2. George Hirtle says:

    I have a Sangamo Electric Company Type H Induction Watthour Meter, Has the letter S between the two center dials at the top and a serial number 148863. Just wondering if you have any info on earlier dates since the posted pages begin with 1930.

  3. Tommy Kelly says:

    Can you tell me what err 000010 means

  4. Debbie Deckard says:

    Trying to find the years and location of Sangamo in southern Illinois close to Herrin or Carterville. My mom and dad both worked there around the really 50s

  5. RALPH B. HOFFMAN says:

    Thank you for this web site. I have a Sangamo DC watthour meter, S/N 295709, Model D-5, rated 50 Amperes, 125 Volts DC, Watthour per disk rev. 3-1/3. Seek to determine YEAR OF MANUFACTURE. I purchased it from an antique dealer in 1964 at a store in German Village District, City of Columbus, Ohio. It was represented to me to have been used to charge a doctor’s electric car in the early 1900’s in the same German Village District of Columbus, Ohio. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You.

  6. Tony Jones says:

    I have a Sangamo SPA.02\S electronic watthout electricity meter in the UK, serial number S88C 94213. Any idea when this was manufactured and in use

  7. Tammy Kasselman says:

    I have a sangam Electric meter type H no.4059021 Springfield, Illinois. Curious if it’s worth anything.

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