Police officers killed in line of duty

Ten Springfield police officers, one deputy sheriff, six Illinois state troopers based in Springfield and a federal prohibition agent have been killed on duty in Sangamon County.  The list includes:

Springfield Police Departrment

Off. David Tapscott, died Dec. 26, 1979: Auto accident

Det. Patrick Gilmore, Jan. 11, 1938: Gunfire

Det. Ernest Purgatoria., July 31, 1933: Gunfire

Det. Sgt. Porter Williams, Sept. 25, 1932: Gunfire

Off. Gordon Swettart, Feb. 3, 1924: Gunfire

Off. Noah Roll, Aug. 7, 1917: Gunfire (Note: Notwithstanding the statement on the Officers Down Memorial Page for Officer Roll, linked to here, he was not African-American. See SangamonLink’s full entry for details.)

Det. Frank Crowley, June 30, 1916: Gunfire

Off. Patrick Shaughnessy, Nov. 7, 1888: gunfire

Off. Frederick Gall, Aug. 27, 1885: Gunfire

Off. William Camp, Aug. 25, 1885: Gunfire

Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office

Dep. William Simmons, March 8, 1975: Gunfire

Illinois State Police

Trpr. Brian McMillen, Oct. 28, 2007: Auto accident

Trpr. Bernard Skeeters, May 20, 1982; Auto accident

Spec. Agt. Pete Lackey, Nov. 27, 1972: Stabbing

Trpr. Clarence Swain, Aug. 1, 1959; Auto accident

Roy Moody, Feb. 28, 1949; Auto-train accident

Ray Embree, Oct. 15, 1936: Auto accident

Federal officer

Prohibition agent Thomas Langford, May 26, 1926: Shot to death while breaking up a street quarrel. bridge

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