Opening of Commercial Airport, 1928 (photo)

Beraldine Crumley, Miss Springfield of 1927, with Craig Isbell at the opening of Commercial Airport (later Southwest Airport) in 1928. (sangamon Valley Collection)

Josephine Trowbridge, Miss Springfield of 1928, with Springfield Aviation Co. co-owner Craig Isbell at the local celebration of Air Mail Week on July 29, 1928. Isbell took Trowbridge on a biplane flight as part of the event. Trowbridge was elected Miss Springfield in a vote open to local bus and street car riders.  Note: This caption has been corrected; SangamonLink previously misidentified Trowbridge, among other mistakes. Our thanks to commenter Larry Senalik for pointing out the errors. (Sangamon Valley Collection)




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  1. Larry Senalik says:

    I believe the woman in the picture is Josephine Trowbridge. She was voted Miss Springfield 7/28/1928, the day prior to the date of this picture. Her picture is in the July 29 edition of the newspaper, Daily Illinois State Journal.

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