Historical markers in Sangamon County

The Historical Marker Database lists 101 markers in Sangamon County. Most are part of the Looking for Lincoln and Lincoln Home marker series, but the database includes others as well. A check of a dozen marker descriptions ¬†indicates the database’s historical information is remarkably accurate.

schs logo (2)The Historical Marker Database is compiled by volunteers. Bill Pfingsten of Bel Air, Md., Al Wolf of Veedersburg, Ind., and Larry Senalik of Pleasant Plains deserve credit for the vast majority of Sangamon County entries.

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4 Responses to Historical markers in Sangamon County

  1. Nancy says:

    Incredible(and fun) list!

  2. Marie Carnes says:

    My dad took a picture of the original Pulliam marker back in 1958. Actually I think it’s still there. Or close to there.


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