Historic sites of Springfield

The Historic Sites Commission of Springfield has designated 66 buildings as having local historic significance. The commission’s primary goal is to increase awareness of the need for historic preservation, although designation as a historic site can also be helpful in obtaining economic incentives to preserve or rehabilitate a building.

The commission’s inventory includes a number of sites significant in Springfield’s Lincoln history, and therefore protected by state or federal authorities. However, designation as a city historic site carries no automatic protection against alteration or demolition.

More information: For a discussion of the issues and some of the controversies surrounding historic preservation in Springfield, as well as more on the Springfield Historic Sites Commission, see Historic Preservation Association of Springfield.


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2 Responses to Historic sites of Springfield

  1. Larry Erdle says:

    I own property that i feel is of historical significance. Curious …if i were to apply for historical landmark status …what would this mean regarding restrictions on me and what benefits would be afforded???

    • editor says:

      Mr. Erdle: My impression is that the restrictions are not super onerous, but I’m no expert. You can get better info from the historic sites commission and the city zoning office. Thanks for reading.

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