Feitshans High School (closed high schools)

Feitshans swim team, 1962-63 (Illinois Glory Days)

Feitshans swim team, 1962-63 (Illinois Glory Days)

Quick facts about Feitshans High School, Springfield (the link connects to much more school information on Illinois Glory Days, a website that chronicles more than 1,100 closed high schools throughout Illinois).

Year opened: 1929
Year closed: 1967
Replaced by: Springfield Southeast High School
Feitshans team nickname: “Flyers”
School colors: Blue & White
School Fight Song: “Onward Feitshans” (sung to “On Wisconsin”)
Onward Feitshans, Onward Feitshans,
Smash right through that line!
Send the ball clear ’round Springfield,
Touchdown sure this time!
Hee Rah Rah!!
Onward Feitshans, Onward Feitshans,
Fighting for her fame!
Fight Fellows, fight, fight, fight,
And win this game!!

Thanks to Phil Shadid for directing us to Illinois Glory Days.schs logo (2)

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7 Responses to Feitshans High School (closed high schools)

  1. Earl Rubley, Class of '65. says:

    I attended Feitshans H.S. from 1962-1965 and received an excellent education and made many life long friends. Thank you to all the educators at Feithshans who helped me to where I am today. The one thing that stands out while attending FHS was Nov. 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated, we were all in class when the announcement came over the PA system that ” the President as been assassinated and school is immediately closed”. I think that day stands out in everyone’s mind.
    I hated to see the school closed but it is still standing and every time I go back to Springfield I go by the School. GO FLYERS!!!

    • editor says:

      Mr. Rubley: Thanks for reading, and thanks very much for the comment.

    • Elizabeth Rutherford says:

      My uncle Bud (Henry) Dickman was Class of ’65, my uncle Billy Dickman was Class of ’67 and my father, Doug Dickman attended from 1965-67 and wass SSHS Class of ’69.

    • Nick Penning says:

      I have that same high school recollection, Mr. Rubley. It was a horrifying day at Griffin, also. A priest walked quickly to the head of the gym, and then a student announced that the president was dead. We were all stunned, wondering, “How could it be possible that our president was killed?”

  2. Karen(Compardo) says:

    Class of 1967 just celebrated our 55th reunion. We have been having regular reunions since our 40th and we have lunch/ dinner gatherings to continue our flyers spirit.

    • Elizabeth Rutherford says:

      My uncles Bud (Henry) and Bill Dickman graduated from FHS. My father, Douglas went to FHS for two years prior to graduating from SSHS in 1969.

  3. W W says:

    The guy sitting down on the bench. (The white guy). Is that William W, or Billy/Bill W at the time maybe…he graduated in 64 from Feitshans. Anyone have the caption or names on the swim team pic?

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