Downtown business map, 1913

biz dist jpeg compressedThe Oct. 7 and 8, 1913, editions of the Illinois State Register, published during the Illinois State Fair (then held in the fall) included a map of the area surrounding Springfield’s courthouse square that showed many of the city’s downtown businesses.

Despite some omissions, the map gives people a century later a rare look at the density and types of businesses that populated the heart of Springfield in the 1910s. (For a larger view of the map, click on the image.)

The map obviously was an advertising vehicle; it appears that only businesses willing to pay for placement were included. For instance, the map and accompanying list shows that the William E. Dee Clay Manufacturing Co. had offices in the Myers Building at Fifth and Washington streets. But the Myers Brothers clothing store itself, though already a prominent local merchandiser, goes unmentioned, as do all the other offices in the building.

A few businesses just beyond the map’s borders apparently paid to be listed around the edges.

In the competitive spirit, the map shows the Register’s building in the 600 block of East Monroe Street and describes the paper as “Springfield’s leading daily” (emphasis theirs). Meanwhile, the map identifies the Illinois State Journal building in the 300 block of South Sixth only as “newspaper.”

Additional note: Post Office Court was the alley running between Sixth and Seventh streets behind what now is the Findley Federal Building. Several businesses had addresses in the alley, including the original The Dew Chilli Parlor (“1st Class Chili”).

At the bottom of the page was a list of establishments identified on the map, by category of business. Listed businesses were:

Candies and confectioners
The Buffalo, 515 North Side Square
Bonansinga Bros., 211 S. Fifth
Maldaner’s, 222 S. Sixth
Stuart’s Candy Store, 109 N. Fifth

Dry goods and millinery
Macpherson & Edwards, East Side Square
John Bressmer Co., Sixth and Adams
R.F. Herndon & Co., Fifth and Adams
Rolands, 104 S. Sixth
Thayer’s Sunlight Store, 520 South Side Square
Furlong/Dry Goods Co., 206 South Sixth
Will C. Vogt, 107 South Fifth
Westenberger & Wetterer, 109 West Side Square
The Model Clothing Store, 108 N. Sixth
The Famous, 112 North Sixth
Globe D.G. Co., North Side Square
Ransom & Hahn, 323 South Fifth
The Emporium, 313-16 E. Adams
Madison & Bagby, 316 S. Sixth
Nell Murphy, 219-21 S. Sixth
Bunker’s Millinery Shop, 205 S. Fifth
J.M. Jackson, 418-20 E. Washington

Drug stores
Phillips, Sixth and Monroe
Burkhardt & Bugg, Fourth and Washington
Dodds Bros., Fifth and Monroe
Cobb’s Drug Store, Sixth and Washington
Mitchell’s Drug Store, Fifth and Monroe
Clarkson’s Modern Drug Store, 213 S. Sixth
Rauth’s Drug Store, Sixth and Capitol
Baumann Bros., Seventh and Washington
Jacob Frisch & Co., North Side Square

Furniture, rugs and carpets
A. Dirksen & Sons, 406-08-10 E. Washington
Westenberger’s, 417 E. Adams
Fitze & Westenberg, 417 E. Adams
Johnston-Hatcher Co., Seventh and Adams
George F. Bisch, 118-20 N. Fifth
Frank Sanford & Co., 413-15 E. Adams
Thomas L. Ewing, 418 E. Adams
I. Winakor, 624 E. Washington

Men’s and boy’s clothing
E&W Clothing Co., Hart, Schaffner & Marx clothes, East Side Square
R.A. Lange, 219 S. Fifth
John Lutz, 204 S. Sixth
Appel Clothing Co., South Side Square
Model Clothing Store, 108 N. Sixth
O’Connell & Kunz, 519 North Side Square
Henry Klaholt & Sons, 126 East Side Square
Hall & Herrick Co., 220 S. Fifth

Altman’s, 530 E. Capitol
L.H. Klaphake, 517½ E. Washington
L.A. Danner Co., 506 E. Monroe
Schmitt & Knox, 610 Post Office Court
Slaughters Capital City Pantatorium, 109 S. Fourth

Leland Hotel, Sixth and Capitol
St. Nicholas Hotel, Fourth and Jefferson
Windsor Hotel, Fourth and Adams
De Long Hotel (upstairs), 424½ E. Monroe
Huskey’s European Hotel, 425-27 E. Washington

Buoy, 318 S. Sixth
Gourley Bros., 409 E. Washington
J.C. Klaholt Co., 514 South Side Square
Harvell-Randle, 512 E. Monroe

Huskey’s Restaurant, 425-27 E. Washington
Greider’s Café, 513-15 E. Monroe
The Angel (two places) (good business lunch) 517 E. Monroe and 508 E. Monroe
Thompsons Dairy Lunch (two places) 223 S. Sixth and 411 E. Washington
The Dew Chilli Parlor, Post Office Court
Riegel’s Restaurant, 420 E. Monroe
De Long Hotel, 424½ E. Monroe
The Samovar Tea Rooms (upstairs), 220½ S. Sixth

New Method Shoe Co., 302 Odd Fellows Bldg., Fourth and Monroe
B.H. Luers & Sons, 528 E. Adams
Link’s Shoe Store, 218 S. Sixth
F.M. Legg Shoe Co., South Side Square
Fogarty, the Shoe Man, 209 S. Fifth
Jerald’s, Best Known Shoe Man, Basement, Fifth and Monroe, under Mitchell’s Drug Store
W.H. Ackerman, 620 E. Adams

Hofferkamp Bros., 621-23 E. Adams
L.H. Zumbrook & Son, 415 E. Monroe
W.L. Blucke, 718-20 E. Washington

Pianos and sewing machines
French & Sons Piano Co., 309-11 S. Sixth
W.L. Bulpitt, 409 E. Washington
R.L. Berry, 511 North Side Square

Postcards and quick finish pictures
Glad-U-Kum Shop, 104 N. Fifth

Retail clothiers
Askin-Marine Co., 621-23 E. Adams

Chiropody and hair goods
Marinello Shop, Leland Hotel Office Building

Redeker & Co., 523 North Side Square, picture frames
Bisch & Son, Undertakers, 110 N. Sixth
Singer Shoe Repair Shop, 110 S. Seventh
Jno. Oberman, Loan Office, 615 E. Washington
W.L. Blucke, Motorcycles, 718-20 E. Washington
Springfield Monument Co., Third and Monroe
Simmons Stationery and Office Supplies, 124 S. Sixth
Illinois Trunk Mfg. Co., 107 N. Fifth
Ball Bros. Pool, Cigars and Billiards, 413 E. Washington
Grand Union Tea Co., 417 E. Washington
Janssen Seed & Floral Co., 408 E. Adams
J.A. Mussillon, Locksmith, 406 E. Adams
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., 407 E. Monroe
Jno. W. Scott & Sons, Loans and Insurance, basement State Bank, Fifth and Adams
Lord’s Little Shop, Art Goods, 609 E. Monroe
Gaiety Theatre, Vaudeville, E. Monroe
Sheehan & Schuler, Painters, alley on Sixth between Monroe and Adams
Western Union Telegraph Co., 227 S. Sixth
Wanless & Wanless, Real Estate, (upstairs) 505½ E. Monroe
Gray, Dentist, 528½ E. Adams (upstairs)
Coe Bros., Books, Stationery and Kodaks, corner Fifth and Monroe
Wells Fargo Express Co., 205 S. Sixth
J. Ingels, Bicycles and Motorcycles, Welding, etc., 121 S. Fourth
Henry Ettelbrick, Shoe Repairing, 321 E. Monroe
Fred D. Silloway, Patents, 321½ E. Monroe
May A. Faith, Catholic and School Books, 212 S. Seventh
Quick Service Messenger & Delivery Co., 131 S. Fourth
McCabe & Co., Funeral Directors, 912-14 E. Monroe
Kenney’s Live Repair Shop, 311 S. Fourth
J.C. Neuman, Furnaces, 304 E. Monroe
Wm. E. Dee Clay Mfg. Co., 34-35 Myers Bldg., Fifth and Washington
C.M. La Bonte, Trunks and Traveling Bags, 416 E. Washington
Kirlin & Egan, Funeral Directors and Livery (two places), 116-18 S. Fourth and 411 E. Adams
Lochman Bros., Opticians, 210 S. Sixth
American Express Co., 611 E. Monroe
Capitol Shoe Repair Shop (basement), 214 S. Sixth
S&H Green Stamp Co., 412 E. Washington
Green & Lewis, Hair Goods, 619 E. Capitol
Illinois Dry Cleaning & French Dry Cleaning Co., 326 S. Sixth
Lawson-Shores Engraving Co., Post Office Court
J.R. Maxey, Real Estate and Auctioneer, 614 Post Office Court
Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co., 612 Post Office Court
National Express Co., 328 S. Fourth
Hamann Printing, 324 S. Sixth
Carl Nisius, Locksmith, 404 E. Adams
A.C. Brown, Seeds and Flowers, 217 S. Fifth
H.W. Renfrow, Real Estate, 328 I.O.O.F. Building
Drs. E.E. & Lee Hagler, Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat, Fourth and Capitol
E.P. Metcalf, Funeral Director, 329 S. Fifth
U.S. Express Co., 315 S. Fifth
Jefferson Printing Co., 310-12 S. Fifth
Blue Valley Creamery Co., 412 E. Monroe
Remington Typewriter Co., first floor I.O.O.F. Building
Brinkerhoff & Co., Farm Loans, 313 S. Fifth
Dr. J.W. Stearman, Dentist, 506½ E. Monroe
W.C. Sumner, Optician, 202-03 Ferguson Building, Sixth and Monroe
Reifler-Perkins & Co., Plumbing, 332 S. Fifth
Illinois Plumbing & Heating Co, 307 S. Sixth
Spaulding Real Estate, 310 S. Fifth
Rogers, Eyesight Specialist, 308 S. Fifth
H.E. Barker’s Art Store, 419 E. Adams
Sangamon Coal Co., second floor, First National Bank Building
A.C. Connor, 525-27 E. Monroe
Capitol City Cash Market, 115 E. Washington
Connelly Grocery Co., 417-23 E. Monroe
Great Eastern Supply Co., 626 E. Washington
J.S. Conway, M.D., 213½ S. Fifth

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8 Responses to Downtown business map, 1913

  1. Barbara mohay says:

    Is there somewhere I could get a copy of this map to frame? It brings back a lot of memories for this 70 year old body.

    • editor says:

      Barb: I don’t know of a printed version of the map. Your best bet is to print it yourself, I’m afraid. You could get a somewhat clearer version from either a microfilm copy (the microfilm is available at Lincoln Library) or by printing from Access to NewsBank is available for free if you have a Lincoln Library card.

  2. Larry Senalik says:

    A minor correction. The Emporium’s address was 414-416 E. Adams.

    • editor says:

      Thanks, Larry. I don’t know now if I got that wrong, or if the Register did back in 1913. But 313-16 certainly doesn’t make any sense. Those numbers are on opposite sides of the street.

  3. Douglas Kirk Hahn says:

    Is it possible to find out more information on Ransom & Hahn Dry Goods ? Katherine Hahn was apart of this venture and she is my Great Grandmother and I know nothing about this store, and very little about Katherine. Anything will help, doing alot of genealogy and came across this in her obituary.

    appreciatively Doug Hahn

  4. Barb Withrow Shutt says:

    My great grandfather (Robert Alan Wilson, a.k.a. “Al”) died in 1913, after trying to break up a fight which originated in the Teamsters’s Union Hall. The individuals fighting continued their fight down the stairs where my grandfather intervened. Sadly, he perished from his injuries on the sidewalk near 5th and Adams. Any information on the location of the Teamster’s Union Hall would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    • editor says:

      Ms. Shutt: Your great-grandfather was a carpenter, not a teamster. He was stabbed in a fight involving union and non-union carpenters (there was a strike under way at the time) on June 19, 1913, in front of 623 E. Adams St. I’m sending you a newspaper story about the killing via private email.
      Thanks for reading SangamonLink.

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