Cemeteries in Sangamon County

Kerns Cemetery, Sherman, 2008 (courtesy Donna Catlin)

Abraham Flagg grave, Kerns Cemetery, Sherman, 2008. Flagg gave Williamsville its name. (courtesy Donna Catlin)

The most complete online list of Sangamon County cemeteries seems to be one compiled by findagrave.com.

Findagrave includes 278 listings, including both operating and defunct cemeteries, as well as alternate names for many cemeteries. Findagrave also identifies private and family cemeteries as well as public ones.

Several online listings, for instance, include Crucifixion Hill Cemetery, where members of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis order of nuns are buried east of Springfield. Findagrave, however, also includes nearby Resurrection Hill Cemetery, a smaller graveyard for Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross who worked at St. James Trade School and Brother James Court east of Springfield. (A few residents of the two institutions also are buried at Resurrection Hill.)

Note, however, that the Findagrave compilation isn’t perfect, either. Findagrave’s list, influenced by a formerly misspelled cemetery sign, spells Stewart Cemetery between Williamsville and Sherman as “Stuart Cemetery.” (The misspelled sign at the cemetery has since been corrected.)

Thanks to Donna Catlin for additional research.schs logo (2)

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3 Responses to Cemeteries in Sangamon County

  1. Morgan Frazier says:

    Oak Ridge Cemetery – there is a note that some individuals – specifically the Simmons family were moved to this cemetery from “a cemetery east of Springfield in 1882”. What was the name of the cemetery they were removed from?

    • editor says:

      Ms. Frazier: There were (and are) many cemeteries east of Springfield, both public and private/family cemeteries. I’m not sure what note you’re referring to, but your best bet for an answer is to contact Oak Ridge itself. The phone number is 217-789-2340. Good luck.

  2. Rev. Robert D.Stanford says:

    I am interested in information about the cemetery connected with the Sugar Creek Baptist Church. I would also be interested in historical information about the Sugar Creek Baptist Church. I understand a number of young men rfron this area responded to the call of Abraham Lincxoln I pastored the Auburn Baptist Church for several years some time ago. The Congregation of the Auburn Baptist Church celebrated the 100th anniversary on that congregation in a barn seated on Hay bales in a barn near the location of the former Sugar Creek church. Any information about the history of the Sugar Creek congregation and the burial ground would be appreciated.

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