Camp Glen Olive

Wheeland Park, 2014 (SCHS)

Wheeland Park, 2014 (SCHS)

Camp Glen Olive was a seven-acre campground on the banks of the Sangamon River in Riverton that was donated to the Springfield YWCA by Olive Black Wheeland, a YWCA supporter and philanthropist who also created Wheeland Haven, an estate east of Riverton.

Glen Olive Lodge, 1950s (D&N Fanale Collection)

Glen Olive Lodge, 1950s (D&N Fanale Collection)

The  camp included gardens, a lodge house, and a swimming pool. Unfortunately, the lodge was destroyed by a fire in the 1960s or ’70s.

Camp Glen Olive was later transferred to the village of Riverton and now is Wheeland Park, a campground and boat launch facility.

For more information, see entry on Wheeland Haven.

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