Lincoln Center/Ann Rutledge Pancake House

Lincoln Center, early 2017 (SCHS)

Lincoln Center, early 2017 (SCHS)

Lincoln Center is a strip shopping center at Monument and North Grand Avenues, a few blocks south of Oak Ridge Cemetery and Lincoln’s Tomb.

center-signFounded by the Yates and Adams families, the center originally took advantage of its location by featuring Lincoln-related souvenirs and gifts. The center also was well known as the home of the Ann Rutledge Pancake Shop, a restaurant that, among other items, offered dishes like the “Getty’s Burger” and “General Sherman Baked Ham.”

The Ann Rutledge closed in 1983. In 2017, the center housed a pharmacy, an income tax service and a pizza outlet.

For much more about Lincoln Center, as well as the Yates (Yacubowsky) and Adams (Adomaitis) families, see Sandy Baksys’ blog, Lithuanians in Springfield, Illinois.

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