Dr. Dominic Sterbini (vice consul)

Dr. Dominic Sterbini served as Italian vice consul (also referred to as “consular agent”) in Springfield from 1938 to 1941. See Italian immigration.

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  1. Julie roseman says:

    Dr Dominic Sterbini was my Grandfather. My mother was silvana Sterbini. I never knew my Grandfather. I wanted to know about his life. Any additional info would be appreciated.

    • editor says:

      Ms. Roseman: I’ve sent you some information via email. Thanks for reading SangamonLink.

    • Greg Melanson says:

      To Julie Roseman, My name is Greg Melanson. We are second or third cousins through our respective grandfathers. My grandfather was Paul (Paolo) Sterbini the older brother of your grandfather Dr. Dominic (Domenico) Sterbini. My mother Gloria Sterbini Melanson (now deceased) used to speak about your mother and aunt often. My mother was born in Chicago but the family moved to Cresson Pennsylvania when she was still a child. I came across your 2018 post recently as I’m doing genealogy research in order to obtain my Italian Dual Citizenship. Since your post was from six years ago, I’m not sure if this will reach you but if you would like to be in contact you can reach me via email at gjmson@gmail.com

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