Board of Trade

The Springfield Board of Trade was formed in 1869. See Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. Bill Galvani says:

    Was Rheuna Drake Lawrence the President of the Springfield Board of Trade in 1881 and if so, what is the reference for this information?

    • editor says:

      At least he was aT the start of the year. Lawrence seems to have been president during the preceding year as well. Notice in Illinois State Journal, Jan. 11, 1881, suggests he was both the outgoing and incoming president (election was held the previous week). But there are more than 70 references that include the words “Board of Trade” (not all of them Springfield’s) and “Lawrence” in the local papers during 1881, and I didn’t check further. If you need more information, the Springfield newspapers are readable and searchable via either (readable for free through many local libraries) or its sister site, (readable for a fee for anyone).
      Hope this helps.

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