Springfield Redemption Home

The Springfield Redemption Home, organized by Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hunt in 1903, was set up for the “conversion, reformation, and Christian education of penitent erring girls and to provide a home for dependent infants and children.”

It operated at 11th and Jackson streets and then on North Douglas Avenue until the 1940s. For more details, see the history of the Family Service Center.

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  1. Jennifer Schoonover says:

    My name is Jennifer Schoonover, I am the granddaughter of Lizzie Underwood who lived in the Springfield Redemption Home till about the 1950s census where I found she lived in Lincoln School and Colony for the Feeble Minded in Lincoln Il. She gave her son Chris Underwood up for adoption while in the home where he was adopted by Chris and Eida Kuhlmann of Beardstown. In may of 1918. I’m trying to solve the rest of my dads fathers past with his biological mother Lizzie Underwood. Can u help us? My cell is 217-871-9058. There is no historical data when I research that can be found on Google searches. We are trying to get the exact birthday of Lizzie Underwood, parents’ names etc. I did go through sangamon county courthouse, filed a petition for release of adoption records for my grandfather, was granted the info from them which is how I have the info I have but then my search goes cold.

    • editor says:

      Ms. Schoonover: You’ve already done what I would have suggested. Perhaps other readers will have more ideas. Good luck.

  2. Did you try Ancestry.com?

  3. editor says:

    We were discussing my great grandmother and if there is info that can be found on her. To answer all of your questions.

    Lizzie Underwood, born june 1st 1888 somewhere in Kentucky. this we know from all data but no mention of her parents names or siblings. She resided at the Springfield Redemption Home for Penitent, Erring Girls, Dependent Infants and Children,” located at 427 s eleventh st in Springfield, then later moved somewhere on douglas ave. The home was run by Mr. and Mrs W.H. Hunt.
    Lizzie resided at the home till 1940 when the Hunts closed their doors. While in the home she gave birth to my grandfather Chris Underwood born Aug 22nd 1913 , no mention of a middle name in documents. Records show the Redemption home had a birthing room so no mention of being born in the local hospital. Lizzie signed over her rights to Chris to the Hunts so they could place him up for adoption on Feb 24th, 1917.

    Through the Sangamon county courts, Chris Underwood was adopted by a couple from Beardstown, and they changed the boy’s name to “Paul Christian Kuhlmann”.

    You had asked me if Lizzie Underwood went by Elizabeth. All docs found of her just have Lizzie Underwood. no middle name. She was never married as we know of; if she did marry she kept the Underwood given last name.

    When the redemption home closed in 1940, Lizzie was moved to the LINCOLN STATE SCHOOL AND COLONY FOR THE FEEBLE MINDED until the 1950’s/60’s. From there Lizzie moved to Lexington IL to the “THREE OAKS NURSING HOME;” again it was really a home for mentally challenged folks. There she died at the age of 87 on Jan 16, 1976.

    If you could find any data on her or post it for maybe someone to answer questions for me that would be great! I have just really taken to genealogy and trying to help my dad and his only living sibling resolve this mystery of their father and his mother Lizzie. Who was she really? Why no mention of family names?

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