Charles and Amy Reed (Sangamon County Poor Farm administrators)

Charles Reed (1854-1927)

Charles Reed (1854-1927)

Charles Reed (1854-1927) was a livestock farmer and politician. As a farmer, he raised purebred Duroc and Jersey hogs as well as sheep. He was also a strong Republican who served as Sangamon County deputy sheriff and was superintendent of the Sangamon County Poor Farm near Buffalo from 1915 until his death.

Amy Van Doren Reed (1860-1935)

Amy Van Doren Reed

Amy Van Doren Reed (1860-1935), Charles’ wife, was poor farm matron for the same period. The couple’s eight children grew up at the poor farm.

A grandchild, Elaine Burrus, presented some of the children’s memories during a public discussion of the history of the poor farm held April 7, 2018, at the Buffalo Village Hall: see Family Life at the Sangamon County Poor Farm.

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