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Noah Roll (slain police officer)

Police Officer Noah Roll was attempting to protect two streetcars from a mob at Ninth Street and North Grand Avenue about 9:15 p.m. Aug. 7, 1917, when he was struck in the head by two shots fired by someone on … Continue reading

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General strike, 1917

Union members shut down mines, railroads, bakeries, restaurants, laundries and construction sites across Sangamon County in September 1917 following the violent breakup by police and the Illinois state militia of a pro-labor march. The march — for which city officials … Continue reading

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Springfield Ceramics and Crafts Club

The Springfield Ceramics and Crafts Club was founded on May 21, 1924, as the Springfield Ceramics Club. The charter membership was made up of 12 women, and the first president was Mrs. Lewis Minor, who had inspired the startup at … Continue reading

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Endurance flying record, 1939

Brothers Hunter and Humphrey Moody beat the world record for endurance flying in a light aircraft — nearly 344 hours — in July and August 1939. The brothers, who lived in Dalton City, set the record flying out of Springfield … Continue reading

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Road lane striping plan, 1921

The editors of the June 5, 1921, Illinois State Journal endorsed a provocative new idea: Painting a line down the middle of roads — well, at least on the curves — to keep drivers on their own sides. Here is … Continue reading

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The Sugar Bowl restaurants

Springfield had two Sugar Bowl restaurants, both on South Grand Avenue, which between them lasted from 1919 to 1959. Teddy Gray (1892-1977) was the main operator of the 11th Street and South Grand Sugar Bowl, while Alex Karon (1893-1972) was primarily identified … Continue reading

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Thornton Walker

Thornton Walker* (1912-45) was the Illinois State Journal’s part-time aviation columnist during the 1930s. A Flickr page set up by his son-in-law, Bill Strouse, contains many photos of Southwest Airport, along with reproductions of some of Walker’s columns for the Journal. … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport was dedicated, under its original name of Capital Airport, on Nov. 2, 1947. The ceremony culminated a nearly decade-long effort to build a new airport, an initiative sparked when the two airlines that previously served Springfield … Continue reading

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Bates Experimental Road

The Bates Experimental Road of 1922-23  was, literally and figuratively, a groundbreaking study. In the early 1920s, the Illinois Division of Highways was preparing to embark on a major road construction program to accommodate the rapidly growing population of automobiles. … Continue reading

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Bolivia Road Bridge (National Register)

The Bolivia Road Bridge over the North Fork of the Sangamon River, 20 miles southeast of Springfield,  connects Sangamon County with Christian County. Bolivia (pronounced in central Illinois as “Bolivee”) was an early community located along the road that connected … Continue reading

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