The basics

— We do not compensate Sangamon Link contributors. We do, however, give authors byline credit.

— We prefer articles be written using Microsoft Word or a compatible program (i.e., Microsoft Works, Open Office) and emailed (as an attachment) to the project editor, Mike Kienzler, at We are not able to accept ink-on-paper articles. There is no minimum or maximum length or entries.

— Photos and illustrations also should be submitted digitally (preferably in the .jpg format). While we will accept physical prints if necessary, we can’t guarantee they will be returned undamaged. Please email before submitting a photographic print, especially if it’s your only copy.

— All contributions will be edited for accuracy, style and readability before publication. Authors will have the chance to review all significant changes, and authors can withdraw their articles any time prior to publication.

— Once published, however, all contributions become the property of the Sangamon County Historical Society, which holds the copyright to all original SangamonLink material.

— For other questions, email the editor at the address above. But please read the additional guidelines below first.

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  1. Dianne Barghouti Hardwick says:

    Your “join us” page goes to a 404 error. It would be good to know how to join.

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