The Wigwam

In 1860, members of the Republican Party held conventions and party rallies in buildings they called “wigwams” all over the North. Illinois Republicans proposed Abraham Lincoln for president in the Decatur Wigwam, and the National Republican Convention nominated Lincoln in the Chicago Wigwam.

Springfield Republicans met regularly at their own Wigwam, which was on the southeast corner of Sixth and Monroe streets, the site today of the Paul Findley Federal Building.

The Soldiers Home at Sixth and Monroe streets

The Soldiers Home at Sixth and Monroe streets

During the Civil War, the Springfield Wigwam was demolished and replaced by a soldiers home. Invalid soldiers were housed on the second floor; a kitchen, dining room and a room where members of the Ladies Aid Society made bandages and first-aid items were on the first floor.

Source: Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition (see storyboard at Sixth and Monroe streets)schs logo (2)

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