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Rev. Stanley Yunker

Father Stanley Yunker (1894-1975) was pastor of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church for 47 years.

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St. Vincent de Paul Church

The story of Lithuanians in Springfield began with young Lithuanian men who first sought work in the coal mines, then returned home and bought land, started families and hoped for a better future. Other Lithuanian miners, however, remained transients for … Continue reading

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Rayburn memorial, Oak Ridge Cemetery

One of the most prominent monuments in Oak Ridge Cemetery serves as a reminder of a thoroughly unconventional religious sect that got its start in Williamsville. The monument consists of an eight-foot-tall marble sculpture of a woman atop a 40-foot … Continue reading

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St. James Trade School (closed high schools)

St. James Trade School trained boys, originally orphans, for such jobs as mechanic, baker, the building trades, butcher and others from 1930 until 1972. St. James was a boarding school from 1930 to 1963 and then became a day school. … Continue reading

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Church of St. Francis of Assisi

The ornate Church of St. Francis of Assisi, built from 1920 to 1924, is the centerpiece of the motherhouse of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis northeast of Springfield. See Franciscan Motherhouse.

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Franciscan Life Center (former Franciscan motherhouse)

The Hospital Sisters of St. Francis ¬†operated a convent and church on a 300-acre site northeast of Springfield from 1917 until 2021. The order of Roman Catholic nuns, which began providing medical care in central Illinois in 1875, bought the … Continue reading

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St. Augustine’s Episcopal Mission

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Mission was a congregation of black Episcopalians founded in Springfield in 1891. The congregation was renamed St. Luke’s in 1908, when Episcopal Bishop Edward Osborne authorized the membership to begin using the building formerly occupied by the … Continue reading

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St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 1218 South Grand Ave. E., began in 1876 under the name of Lincoln Memorial Chapel, an Episcopal mission directed at former slaves. The mission was short-lived, but local Episcopal bishops Revs. George Seymour and Edward Osborne … Continue reading

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James Adams (1828 pioneers)

James Adams (1783-1843), was a New Yorker who arrived in Springfield in 1821, apparently in flight from a forgery indictment in his native state. Adams found himself involved in controversy — legal, political, and marital — in Illinois as well. … Continue reading

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Rev. John Bergen (1828 pioneers)

Rev. John Bergen (1790-1872) was the first full-time pastor of Springfield’s original Presbyterian church, which was founded in 1828. He, his wife Margretta (1793-1853) and their family moved to Springfield in late 1828 from New Jersey, where John Bergen had … Continue reading

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